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Gallup® Certified

My services

I provide support for leaders who want to make a difference. Usually, this is a need that occurs at a crossroads – promotion, the new job, starting own business, taking over a family business by a successor, etc. This requires self-knowledge, the ability to confront conflicts, and creating the necessary changes. Attention! Conflict is the tension that comes from the gap between what we have and what we long for. I also like to work with young, ambitious people who want to become successful leaders and enjoy well-being.

The program begins with CliftonStrengths assessment and the subsequent consultation on its results. Only then it is possible to define the relevant personal development goals. To succeed, it is essential to build effective teams. These teams must be based on building quality relationships. This is done by coaching using both conversational and emotional intelligence tools. Today’s teams don’t need to be merely managed; their coaching is increasingly needed, too. Team coaching is a new coaching discipline, and there are only a few coaches in Slovakia who are trained for it. As for individuals, I prepare programs for teams according to their current needs.

Said about me


Since the beginning of our relationship, Ivan’s kindness and genuine passion for helping others struck me the most. Without a doubt, he turned out to be the most knowledgeable person I had ever met and was always ready to answer any questions I happened to have. Additionally, Ivan was more than happy to provide me with many supplementary resources on a wide range of topics to pursue my interests.

Daniela Baganich
student, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Košice

I had been looking for a coach for nearly 9 months. I was looking for someone to trust, respect, and have in-depth knowledge of my questions. Each of us is an individual with different needs to fulfil our dreams. Ivan was able to assess the issues defined, came up with the options and helped me find the true answers. Right and True answers are not always the same. This is what makes Ivan THE Coach, with his exceptional approach and ability to help other people.

Tomáš Frena
Key Account Manager, Winners Group, a.s.

Ivan has proven himself as a very capable coach and mentor, and I expect to be able to reap benefits from our interactions for years to come. He has multiple tools at his disposal that he utilizes to foster self-awareness and unlock and develop hidden potential. In addition, he gladly shares his endless supply of resources on multiple topics ranging from leadership and management to psychology, policy and economic development, which has significantly expanded my horizons.

Dimitar Stefanov
Manager at Arthur D.Little, Dubai, UAE

Ako môj koAs my coach, Ivan has impressed me with his professional approach, wisdom and kindness online. He is willing to go beyond what is required. uč Ivan na mňa urobil dojem online svojim profesionálnym prístupom, múdrosťou a láskavosťou. Je ochotný ísť nad rámec toho, čo sa vyžaduje.

Eva Králová
Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín

Completing the path with Ivan Košalko to discover one's own talents is a fantastic experience for a person. It is as if you have lived your previous managerial life in a dark and shadowy space, even though you have not perceived it because you have an excellent orientation in it. Discovering your own talents, which you use only intuitively, can be compared to the feeling when a bright light suddenly enters your world. Not only do you see much better and more, but you will also discover new spaces. Ivan Košalko is a great guide on this journey and puts all his talents at the service of his client.

Eva Babitzová
Owner, Promo Punkers, s.r.o.

Ivan enabled us to understand our strengths more deeply and showed us how they need to be further developed and improved. It also helped to get to know each other within the team, to make much better use of the potential each of us has.

Igor Kočiš
CEO, GA Drilling, a.s.

Ivan does not focus primarily on shortcomings but seeks the positives and strengths of the personality and develops them to help move forward.

Martina Sýkorská
Controlling & IT manager, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Slovensko, s.r.o.

Ivan drew hidden treasures from my soul and really inspired me with a determination to follow the path of my mission.

Daniela Trudičová
Relationship manager, Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.

Ivan is a very experienced leader with excellent results in his long career. When discussing any topic, his thoughts are based on real business experience, combining with continuous learning of new ideas.

Martin Koreň
Investment Manager, Arkon, a.s.
Ivan Košalko - vaše ciele osobného rozvoja

Mission and Values

To enable people’s self-realisation to use their full potential, enjoy their work, and have a good and happy life, which will benefit all stakeholders.

Be radically candid

Own the impact of your decisions

Never give up

Sharpen your saw


Managerial Challenges

Most managers get into their first management position without the necessary managerial training. They have little knowledge of how to build effective teams and how to develop talent. Sometimes they try to imitate managers they knew or know; other times, they try something they have heard or read about.

The best managers and leaders are neither the ones with no visible weaknesses (we each have some) nor those with much experience. And even not those with the best academic background. The most successful are the ones who excel in a limited number of skills and develop them. To do this, it is necessary to get to know oneself and acquire basic leadership skills.

The best students have an individual study plan. You deserve it, too. Together, we will create a personal development plan that will develop your strongest innate talents. The improvement will be rapid and significant. And you will enjoy it! Want to know how you’re doing with the most important leadership skills?

Ivan Košalko - manažérske výzvy

Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach

Ivan Košalko - od talentov k silným stránkam

From Talents to Strengths

“Humans are imperfect creatures. You don’t “succeed” because you have no weaknesses; you succeed because you find your unique strengths and focus on developing habits around them…”

(Tim Ferris, Tribe of Mentors).

I am the first Slovak Gallup® certified strengths coach. I have been dealing with the topic of talents and strengths since 1999, which has helped me to an interesting managerial career with a significant contribution. What will it bring you?

By analyzing the talent profile, we will find out what you are doing well. After defining the goals that will unlock the most important potential, we will develop a plan for doing these things even better and more often. It will be easy, and you will enjoy it. The result will be new habits that will increase your performance and improve your relationships. It’s a journey from talents to strengths.

The new CliftonStrengths for Managers assessment will guide you on becoming a better manager using your ten strongest talents.

Gallup® Certified

Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)

Getting to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations!

(Judith E. Glaser)

Conversational Intelligence® coaching will guide you through three levels of conversation, from transactional, through positional, to transformational. Four two-hour sessions will teach you to listen so that it “clicks”, ask questions you have no answers to, maintain the necessary conversation dynamics, all to build relationships based on deep trust.

You will learn how to mix the right neurochemical cocktail to create a suitable environment for productive communication.

Ivan Košalko - konverzačná inteligencia
Ivan Košalko - emocionálna inteligencia

Emotional Intelligence

In the new workplace, with its emphasis on flexibility, teams, and strong customer orientation, this crucial set of emotional competencies is becoming increasingly essential for excellence in every job in every part of the world.

(Daniel Goleman)

Lack of interpersonal skills and inability to adapt to the situation is among managers’ most common failures, especially in managing change. The EBW assessment will tell you how you are doing with your ability to motivate yourself, the need to influence others, determination, adaptability, empathic skills, conscientiousness and resistance to stress.

We will look at how to use your strengths productively to improve your emotional intelligence skills so that the opportunity to work together on your team will be a magnet for the best. You will learn to consciously change your leadership style according to the situation and need.

Team coaching

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


Team coaching provides the greatest scope for exploiting the synergy of mutual knowledge of team members’ strengths and emotional intelligence skills. The EBW team assessment will provide information on how much energy must be spent on collaboration between individual team members.

You will learn how a team perceives its mission and/or vision, how it trusts itself, communicates, and engages, and how these factors affect teamwork. Working with strengths is then a process that optimizes team collaboration, allowing each team member to choose the right role and guide them on how to use their strengths to benefit the team.

Ivan Košalko - koučovanie tímov

About me

Synergies Offered

I offer a synergy of quality management education, many years of experience managing companies in Slovakia and abroad, knowledge and skills from top coaching courses for individuals and teams. I was responsible for operating the SEVES Group’s seven plants on three continents (Europe, Asia, South America). I managed companies in Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Sweden, and was chairman of the boards of directors in Thailand and China.

Other Activities

Before taking up the global position, I served on several boards (non-profit organizations and universities) and was a member of the rating committee of the Slovak Rating Agency. I am a founding member of the Business Alliance of Slovakia, of which I have been president since August 2018.

Certifikát GALLUP - Ivan Košalko


Certified Strengths Coach
Certifikát GALLUP - Ivan Košalko


Emotions & Behaviours at Work
Certifikát GALLUP - Ivan Košalko


Global Team Coaching Institute
Certifikát GALLUP - Ivan Košalko


Individual Team Coaching


I work with renowned experts in Slovakia, England and the USA.
You will find more information here:

Janka Bernaťáková is an expert in creating a motivating and productive work environment. She uses proven change management techniques supported by experience from its own managerial and consulting practice. We have created a workshop that focuses on building a culture of strengths and supporting the necessary leadership and management skills.

John ‘Bob’ Spence is an expert in business development by building a strategic network that generates sales. His negotiation training aims to acquire skills that will allow him to make enough profit. My contribution is coaching aimed at the client to use Bob’s recommendations authentically, i.e. using strengths.

Ivan Košalko - Spolupracujem s uznávanými expertmi na Slovensku, v Anglicku a v USA.

Jeffrey Wallk is a corporate “chiropractor”. He can reliably identify the causes of the biggest problems and design an ecosystem that eliminates these problems and prevents them from recurring in the future. Our common vision is that managing people is not about cost but maximizing the value that people can create for all stakeholders. To do this, it is necessary to coach the teams responsible for making the necessary changes.